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Made in Casa Norcia


Hand-cut “Norcia Prosciutto Reserve” with Giardiniera €13
‘The Culatta’ the prized ham of Casa Norcia €15
Prosciutto di Norcia IGP (PGI) €12
Charcuterie selection with “torta al testo” €12
Cheese platter with honey and typical raisin bread €13



Scrambled eggs with truffles          €10
Typical “bruschetta” with paté from Umbria          €10
“Baccalà alla perugina” a traditional recipe of salted cod          €10
“Coratina di Agnello” lamb interiors with typical focaccia          €10
Mini potato pie of Colfiorito with zucchini, parmesan fondue and truffle          €10

First dishes


Tagliatelle with a lemon ham ragù €14
“Umbricelli al rancetto” typical umbrian pasta without eggs with guanciale and tomato €13
“Taglierini al tartufo” typical pasta with truffle €15
“Tortelloni” with parmesan fondue and truffles €14
Plain pasta or simple tomato pasta – for kids  €7

Second dishes


Honey glazed pork ribs €17
Sliced beef with arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese 30 months €18
Chicken with peppers and typical focaccia €16
“Grigliata del Norcino” typical grill with local meat (sausage, pork neck steak, lamb, chicken breast, grandma’s morsel) €18
Scottadito lamb – ancient roman recipe €19
Deconstructed fillet beef with guanciale and truffle €20
“Bistecca alla fiorentina” florentine steak €3,50/hg


Side dishes


“Lenticchie alla castellucciana” traditional umbrian lentil soup €5
Typical local potatoes €5
Seasonal mixed salad €5
Pan-fried seasonal vegetables €5
Grilled vegetables €5

 Cover charge €2