English Menu


Hand-cut Norcia Prosciutto Reserve with Giardiniera €12
‘The Culatta’ one of the noblest of the butchery italian cold cuts with mozzarella cheese €15
Prosciutto di Norcia PGI with seasonal fruit €12
Selection of the town’s famous cold-cuts from Norcia with typical flat bread €12
Selection of local cheeses with honey, seasonal fruit and raisins flat bread €13
Scrumbled eggs with Truffle             €9
Liver Pate of Umbria with Bruschetta             €9
Codfish Perugia style            €10
Eggplant Parmigiana            €9
Lamb Offal with typical flat bread            €9

First Courses 


Home-made Gnocchi with minced meat Ragù €13
Spaghetti with Carbonara sauce €11
Home-made Umbricello with traditional Italian sauce based on cured pork cheek €10
Truffle Home-made Taglierini Pasta €15
Precious Truffle Home-made Taglierini Pasta  €24
Home-made ‘Tortello’ stuffed with Prosciutto, Parmesan fondue sauce and truffle scent €14
Home-made Tagliatelle with Norcia Prosciutto GPI and lemon scent €12
Saffron and Truffle Risotto €15
Castelluccio Lentils stew €10

Second Courses

Beef Fillet with pork cheek and Truffle €20
Sliced Beef with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese €18
Lamb Chops €16
Free -Range Chicken with tomatoes sauce and typical flat bread €15
Mix Grilled Meats (Lamb, Beef, Pork and Chicken)           €14
Slow cooked pork ribes with honey-mustard glazed           €16

Side Dishes

Roast Potatoes €4
Mix Salad €4
Seasonal Vegetables €4
Castellucio Lentils stew            €5
La Caponata            €4
Beans salad with fresh onions             €4